Ali the Little Boy Ghost was a ghost that haunted the dungeons of the Castle of the Crown.


The child never found his way to the Land of the Dead when he was killed, and he was left haunting the Castle of the Crown for ever so long[1]. His mother was stuck on the surface of the Isle of the Dead in grief of losing her son.

The boy's spirit was lost, stuck in the land of the living--searching for his mother. His mother could not leave the realm to show him the way.

Alexander comforts the little ghost by giving him the spectral handkerchief obtained from his mother. Ali is able to use it to sense his path to the Land of the Dead and a reunion with his mother, thus granting the spirits peace. Before he leaves, he tells Alexander about the forgotten secret passage in the castle basement.

He liked playing in secret places. He discovered a door in the castle's basement behind man of steel.

Ali was not more than four or five summers when he was killed.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

This character is known as the Little Boy Ghost in the KQ6 Hintbook.[3]

The ghost can appear in least two of the three cells (north and middle cells commonly).


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