Ali's Books (aka Ali's Bookshop, Ye Olde Book Shoppe[1] and the Book Shop[2]) is famed throughout the Green Isles for its fabulous selection. It has something for everyone.


Above the door to the shop is a plaque bearing a merchant crest. It is the sign of his credentials. All of Ali's books are hand-scribed and illuminated. All are expensive, thus the proprietor only deals in books and gold coin.[3] The Boring Book is about the only book he has ever sold for less than gold, and even offered for free.


Behind the scenesEdit

Interestingly, the old man in the Black Cloak (Shamir) can be seen early on spying on Graham from the travelogue and biographies section. This could be a nod to the Guidebook to the Land of the Green Isles, a travelogue by Derek Karlavaegen. It maybe possible that when Alhazred discovered the land (perhaps even by accident), that that is where he gained his copy (perhaps the Caliphim had 'lended' his copy to Ali's Bookshop, or even made copies to share for citizens of his kingdom). However, KQ6 hintbook states that it was a copy of the guidebook he found outside of the Green Isles that lead him to the isles in the first place.


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