Alexander is the father of Gwendolyn and son of Graham. He is the king of the Green Isles and husband to Cassima. He is either son of Vee or Neese.


Alexander and his sister Rosella were born into a loving family of Graham and Valanice a little over ten years into Graham's Reign. Not long after the twins birth Manannan who had taken on the form of a human, and gained tremendous power invaded the Castle, blasting down its gates, defeating its guards, and then magically trapped the king and queen using powerful magic, while he taunted them and kidnapped young child telling them he would be renamed Gwydion (while telling them his plans for the child).

Graham’s son Alexander was raised in captivity, bound to the service of an evil wizard Manannan for 18 years.

During that time, he didn’t know he was a prince. He didn’t even know his real name – instead, he was called Gwydion.[1] He was to be raised to inherit the throne of Daventry by a more "thoughtful father" trained to 'inspire change'. It was intended that he would come back later to inherit is birthright, and after he had inherited the throne, to better serve the needs of all species.

The evil wizard kidnapped many other children turning them into his slaves and teaching them magic with the plan that they would be used to conquer Daventry in the future. He made Alexander do many chores, and punished and tortured him if he didn't follow orders well enough. Upon Alexander's 18th birthday he turned Manannan's own magic back against him using The Sorcery of Old against his own master. He had seemingly tricked Manannan into eating a piece of a giant Cat Cookie turning the wizard into a wisecracking feline. Using the spells he prepared from the book he made his way back to Daventry, where he burst into the throne room announcing his arrival to his long lost family who were organizing the rules and addendums of the kingdom for the year.

Graham was so happy for his son's unexpected return decided to show him around his kingdom, and take the family on a holiday vacation to visit the land where Valanice's best friend once lived (either Avalon or Tanalore). When they reached the kingdom they discovered it had all been frozen over.

Gwendolyn is Alexander’s daughter, and her name is inspired by the one her father once carried. Though you might think Alexander would prefer to forget everything about that time in his life, the truth is the complete opposite. Because, for him, getting through that is a moment of pride.[2]

Later in his life encountered a Minotaur somewhere in the Green Isles.[3] He would marry Cassima there.


Personality and traitsEdit

Alexander is said to be the spitting image of his father.

His eye color appears to be a dark brown/grey.

His "daddy puns" are nearly as bad as Graham's Grandpa puns.

He apparently later would wear a goatee over his face.

by his 50s he had become very protective of his wife and daughter and no longer went on adventures. His goatee had become a full beard.

Alexander has a specific type of princess he is interested in. He has a thing for princess with dark hair, olive skin, and wearing a veil. He was ready to date as soon as he got back to Daventry.

Alexander is more or less unaligned with the three virtues of Compassion, Bravery and Wisdom, however, he does react to Graham's alignment, and mentions a personal nickname based off of Graham's but states that they just 'don't fit him'.

He is an expert magic user in his youth, although there is no indication if he continued this interest into his adulthood. He mentions a number of spells he learned from the The Sorcery of Old (KQGS), as well as having a Magic map (KQGS) which he believes would have made his adventures more useful if he remembered to bring it with him.

Titles and nicknamesEdit

  • Young Alexander
  • Adult Alexander
  • Alexander
  • Alexander the Brave
  • Alexander the Wise
  • Alexander the Compassionate
  • Mr. Alexander
  • Alex
  • Gwydion
  • Caduceus
  • Caduceus the Magnificent
  • Caduceus the Switch Puller
  • The Prince
  • Dueling Archer
  • Team Sovereign
  • Uncle
  • Dad

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Behind the scenesEdit

Alexander's backstory and even the history of his time with Manannan, and ultimately even the events of KQ3, and the details of his escape and return to Daventry have been replaced from the Original Canon version of the story in the Reboot Canon universe (for details about original classic universe story read the main Alexander article).

Alexander does not appear in the series until Chapter 4, from then on can be seen in Chapter 5 and the Epilogue.

Alexander is not directly mentioned by name in the first chapter of the new King's Quest Game Series. But he is alluded to during the conversations between Graham and Gwendolyn, and Gart. Beyond that he can be seen on a tapestry in Gwendolyn's bedroom in several chapters (based directly on the King's Quest 6 artwork), though he seems to have been made a bit more toon-like, and sports a goatee.

Through the first 3/5 of the series his name is not mentioned at all, except in a couple of comments including a background excerpt in GameInformer magazine, that confirms he is the father of Gwendolyn.

"In the first installment, Gwendolyn (daughter of Alexander and Cassima) has signed up for a fencing tournament with her cousin Gart (son of Rosella and Edgar)"

Early on in the series, Manannan is not mentioned by name, although he is indirectly referenced as the 'wizard' who kidnapped Alexander and renamed him Gwydion in an article in GameInformer published before the release of the first episode.

Alexander is not specifically tied to any specific Virtue path but in Chapter 4 does react to whatever Graham's chosen virtue path is.


  3. I really hope there's not a minotaur in here. A crystal ball predicted I would face one in the future.
  4. So are there any princesses close by home I could meet? Dark hair, olive skin, green veil? I kinda have a type.")
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