Africa is a dark continent on Earth (the Other World), and is the home of Tarzan.


Africa was the ancient location of Egypt (Aegypt). It was where the town of Memphis is located, and the Nile river. It was home to the priest Kharis and Queen Cleopatra, and other Egyptians, and Mummies.  The Queen ruled over the kingdom. It is where priestesses worship Isis, and other gods. It was where the crop Tana was grown. Ancient aegyptians withdrew into Daventry during the times of the Romans where they founded Tanalore.

Graham and Valancie apparently once travelled to jungles of Africa to return the Golden lion which Hagatha had stolen from Tarzan. After freeing the great golden lion from its chains, they took it to its jungle home and released it. Just before the lion disappeared into the foliage, it was joined by a tall man, wearing nothing but a loincloth. Both the lion and the man roared to the heavens, the man beating his chest, and then they were gone.

Peter Spear started receiving mysterious messages on his computer after returning from a trip to cover the famine in Ethiopia in Africa in the late 20th century.


  • Ethiopia
  • The Jungles

Behind the scenesEdit

Mr. Kurtz a man buried in Ooga Booga cemetery , is a reference to  Georges-Antoine Kurtz, was a character in Heart of Darkness, who was dieing of jungle fever in Africa... "The horror! The Horror!", was the last words he said before he died.

Apocalypse Now was a reinterpretation of Heart of Darkness story, with the Kurtz character reenvisioned as a crazed colonel, Walter Kurtz.

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