An Addendum concerning the rites of rulership in the Kingdom of Daventry.


The King of Daventry may choose any worthy male to succeed the throne. Only a man can take over the throne. The above statement shall be modified to read: The King of Daventry may choose any worthy person to succeed them.[1]

Behind the scenes Edit

In Rubble Without A Cause, when Gwendelyn peeked through Graham's door, watching him read the decree book, reading Addendum 48677, but not outloud unknowing of what the addendum is about. Just finished reading it, he signed saying "They were right".


Possibly just accepting he might have been wrong about something and checked the addendum for himself.


In Once Upon a Climb, as Gart feels that he is not Graham's favourite out of him and Gwendelyn, not falling for "Own special way" he loves them both. And say "it doesn't matter" as it includes addendum 48677 to back it up. Saying "Not with Addendum 48677 in the books".

Knowing that he'll be King and Gwendolyn won't, even if she is Graham's favourite, which Is never said by Graham.

In Snow Place Like Home is where this addendum comes into play in the present time, when the rule is changed to any person suitable for the role as ruler of Daventry, but also was included for a important reason as well, which has to be settled imediutly due to Graham's condition.

It holds the main plot of the argument between Gart and Gwendolyn.


Behind the scenes Edit

48677 is a Sierra in-joke it refers to the original location of the Sierra buildings in Oakhurst: 48677 Victoria Court. The building that is recognizable Space Quest III.

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