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Achaka was an initiate attempting to join the Knights of Daventry


Achaka grew up in a village of Itch-two-wey (or some variant of that name). He has a family a wife, and a child (or children). When famine hit their land, he had to find a way to protect his people.

A Knight to Remember

Arrival to Daventry

Achaka arrives in Daventry to participate in the Knight Tournament competing against Acorn, Manny, Whisper, and Graham. He seeks an audience with King Edward in hopes of helping his village, Itch-two-wey, that had been struck with a famine, leaving the villagers hungry (this may or may not have been true; Graham hears this information from Manny to possibly manipulate him).

Achaka is also in a conversation with Manny asking about shrekee (dragon), apparently wanting to know where it could be found, and Manny stating its name as Hornswaggle, and telling him where to find under the Forest Well. This leads to Achaka heading towards the forest for initiation test. This desire to find the dragon might also explain his motiviation for coming to Daventry. His search for the dragon Hornswaggle is remembered long by his descendents (even after his death).

Whatever his reason, he left his wife and family behind and came to Daventry.

Eye of a Hideous Beast

Graham finds Achaka in the Forest Well (depending on the player's choices, the reason Graham finds him in the well is either because he has been declared M.I.A from the Knight Tournament and is looking for his signature, or Graham enters the well on his own free will) and follows him to find out that he is after Hornswaggle's eye. Throughout their adventure in the cave they find that, despite it being a competition, they help each other and gain mutual respect for each other. It is in the well that Achaka teaches Graham how to properly use a bow. As they approach the sleeping dragon, Graham has the choice to tell Achaka to strike the dragon or escape.


No matter what choice Graham makes, Achaka is viciously attacked by Hornswaggle, leading to his death. His destiny was sealed.[1] Graham manages to make it out alive, but feels grief and injustice at the loss of his friend.

Rubble Without A Cause


After Graham has been crowned king, a bust of Achaka has been placed in the Castle Daventry hallway.

He was survived by his wife and child. He would later have a granddaughter he never met named Taskia.

The Good Knight


In Graham's final hours, Achaka appears to him and holds a conversation with him about what his final adventure should be. Achaka leaves with one final salute.

Personality and Traits


Achaka is the textbook definition of the strong, silent type as he can't speak English and instead speaks in his native tongue. Because of the language barrier, he also appears mysterious and withdrawn.


Achaka is aligned to the Bravery path and is crucial to helping Graham obtain the Dragon's eye for that path in chapter 1.

Physical Traits

Achaka dons a purple like-poncho alongside his armor. His helmet holds two purple manes on the side pointing upwards to the center of his helmet.

Like the other knights, his actual face isn't shown.



Achaka and Graham both befriend each other in the Forest Well. He is responsible for teaching Graham how to effectively use his bow. Achaka's death had a great impact on Graham, as he saw him as a mentor and a friend. Achaka means a lot to Graham as his spirit visits him even on his deathbed.

Daventry Knights

Acorn and Whisper both say that they do not know him well, but see him as a worthy competitor in the Knight Tournament. Whisper even admits that he would have eventually lost to Achaka.


  • Well Knight
  • Sir Ver of Arrows/Sir Ver of Arrows, Esquire
  • Achaka (part of the joke is no one seems to actually know his name, and he answers Achaka to number of different questions, including to the name of his homeland)