Abracadabra is a Word of Power spell.

Background Edit

The spell appears to have the ability to restore life back to those killed or those turned to stone back to flesh. But it may have other utilities as well including "opening" closed objects (Graham attempted the spell and Open Sesame on a closed giant clam without success).[1]. But only under the right conditions, and it may require a Wand of Magic.

Only Crispin however has been shown to get that kind of reactions from the spell. It may not work for just anyone.

It is likely one of the great spells with its ability to restore life.

Behind the scenes Edit

The term Abracadabra is generally associated with entertainers, street magic, and stage magic. It is a nonsense word often used when the entertainer is attempting to "cast a spell'/distract the audience while he uses slight of hand or some other optical illusion trickery.

References Edit

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