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The Aberian Desert is a desert in the unofficial King's Quest ZZT series. It lies east of the Castle of Daventry, just past the elven village of Dhurgei. There is not much in the desert other than cactus and sand. Giant centipedes and giant scorpions make traveling the desert dangerous. A sign was put up just outside of the desert warning travelers of these dangers. Alexander explored the desert, and discovered a sword hidden in a small cave in the northern end of the desert.

In King's Quest ZZT 2, Alexander did not visit the desert as he had other things to do. A map in the Relentless Army camp in Daventry showed the desert marked as an unexplored terrain within the kingdom.

Behind the scenes[]

The Aberian Desert may be inspired by the Endless Desert of KQ5 and Wizard and the Princess, and thus may represent western edge of the desert in the fan game.