These maps were taken from the second edition of the King's Quest Companion. These were updated from the 1st Edition Maps, and were later updated in the 3rd edition.

The maps in the King's Quest companion changed between the 1st and 2nd edition and between the 2nd and 3rd edition. The art style changed between each edition, and locations or names were sometimes altered from previous maps. The Companion suggests that maps were sent by Derek Karlavaegen. Its mentioned that some changes to the maps for example, such as the addition of "Green Isles" to the world map in Second Edition reflect changes to the world due to Derek hiding information or the world being in magical flux and in some cases surrounded by barriers (Magical Law of "Containment") The maps were replaced in a style better fitting the new artwork and the new world map and map of the Green Isles.

Even though the 2nd edition maps are updated in the 3rd edition, the later artwork seemed more stylized than in the 2nd edition, and listed more location names. The maps of Daventry and Kolyma show the locations aligned differently. I.E Monastery in Kolyma being in the north in one and the south in the other, but this can be explained by the warped boundaries existing around the kingdoms at the time (magical "Containment").


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