Tiger's Claw is a spell of Iconomancy.


Tiger's Claw transforms the spellcaster into one of the most feared felines in the universe. A thousand pounds of furred fury, stiletto fangs, and diamond-cutter claws, the wild tiger is a flesh-eater that must consume massive amounts of fresh meat each day. It is a fast, quick, strong and bloodthirsty beast whose thick fur helps protect it from many of the stings and arrows of its prey. It is quick enough to swat enemies from out of the air, swift enough to run down almost anything it desires, and strong enough to have developed a taste for human flesh, having discovered that two-legged prey is easy hunting. The only other big cats more feared than the jungle tiger are its larger relatives, the were-tiger and saber-toothed tiger, Growl Tiger the Bravo Cat, and the mysterious Cheshire Cat, who attacks and disappears so fast as to leave only its deadly grin behind, so quick is it gone.

Tiger's Claw is one of the better spells to use if suddenly attacked, and a transformation is needed. Because of the tiger's savagery and versatility, the spell can be used to quickly overcome most foes, unless they are much larger or much stronger. Against tigers, fire is an excellent defense since their claws and teeth can do no damage to flames.[1]


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